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For Landlords

Are you tired of managing your tenants, already operating as a short term accommodation provider but need support or looking to make a move into property investment but don't know where to start, get in contact to discuss how we can work together to achieve genuine win-wins.

Rather than renting your property as a traditional buy to let, why not have Cambridge Stays let the property from you. Cambridge stays proudly holds Airbnb superhost status and above 9 review score on (out of 10). In return, you will:

  • Receive guaranteed rent for 1-5 years

  • Have no more tenants to deal with

  • Have no voids and the rent will be paid on time, every month

  • Rest assured knowing your property will be cleaned and inspected professionally at least weekly

  • Rest assured knowing your property will be kept in show home condition

Alternatively, you may prefer to share some of the risk and reward by having Cambridge Stays manage your property on your behalf. Management is only considered on a case by case basis following robust due diligence by us to reduce the downside for both parties. However, the upside is potentially significant increases in income for yourselves as well as some little known tax benefits that we'd be more than delighted to share with you like not having section 24 impact and capital allowances which are available for serviced accomodation businesses and would mean your return on the propety would potentially tripple compared to buy to let property strategy.​

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